12 Awesomely Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas for Food Lovers of All Kinds

X-mas gift ideas for foodies or food-eaters on any budget.

I’m gonna guess that you probably know someone who eats food. I’m also gonna guess that that person probably LIKES eating food. Since I spend literally hours each day on Amazon for my job, I’ve done the window shopping for you and compiled this little list of awesome Christmas gift ideas for each kind of person whether they’re a foodie or not:

For Your Fancy Friends:

Skin Food's Black Sugar Exfoliating Mask pampers even sensitive skin with vitamin enriched organic ingredients.
Skin Food’s Black Sugar Exfoliating Mask pampers even sensitive skin with vitamin enriched organic ingredients.

SkinFood’s line of delicious food-inspired beauty products does wonders for your skin. I’m a huge sucker for Korean beauty products, but this organic black sugar mask scrub is particularly great. It smells like warm brown sugar and leaves your face feeling smooth from the gentle exfoliation. SkinFood’s black sugar mask is made with organic ingredients and is enriched with calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and a bunch of other yummy vitamins.

Kitchen Matrix by Markbittman is another great holiday Christmas present idea.
Kitchen Matrix by Mark Bittman is a must-have for any kitchen library.

Mark Bittman is the freakin’ man! We all know his famous book How to Cook Everything, and here, he’s done it again. I originally discovered this book when I worked at a local cookbook publishing company. This happened to be one of our most frequented resources. Bittman uses vibrant pictures and pull-out infographics to beautifully illustrate the expansive possibilities of ingredient combinations. Kitchen Matrix offers hundreds of staple recipes that build off one another resulting in a fun and engaging book that will get anyone excited about cooking. This is seriously an amazing gift!

Rose Gold Flatware makes a cheap yet elegant Christmas present.
Rose Gold Flatware adds an elegant yet modern touch to any meal.

This rose gold flatware set makes every meal feel chic and pretty. Perfect for dinner parties and holidays or a unique asset to any kitchen. I personally don’t have these, but I definitely want them! So, if anyone who knows me is reading this right now… well, you know what to do.

Busy Workaholics (aka future victims of Karoshi):

Corgi Wine Stopper, a great Christmas gift!
An adorable Corgi-shaped wine stopper for alcoholics or “wine enthusiasts.”

I think we all know someone who works way too much and LOVES to wine down on the weeknights with their loving companion, Netflix. Let’s be real though, who doesn’t ­finish the entire bottle once it’s open? Well, if you happen to know that amazingly responsible person, this thing combines two of the best things in life: WINE + DOGS.

Ava & Kings Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags make the perfect gift for coworkers and environmentally conscious friends.
Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags make great Christmas gifts for coworkers and environmentally conscious friends.

I love anything that reduces waste. A lot of people don’t realize just how much crap they’re throwing out. Using disposable snack bags and plastic wrap for home lunches is basically like just throwing away money every single day. These food safe bags are reusable and washable; they don’t clog up our ecosystem; and they’ll reduce kitchen supply costs! Plus, these high-quality reusable sandwich bags are seriously heavy duty! The insulated interior and tough Velcro closure keep your lunch cold or hot without everything spilling out.

The Instant Pot is an amazing gift for busy friend and family members.
The Instant Pot is an amazing gift idea for busy friends and family members.

Seriously—the Instant Pot was by far the greatest purchase I made last year. This miracle device replaced both my rice cooker and my slow cooker, and it doesn’t take up much room at all. The Instant Pot is seriously fricken amazing. You can make tender, juicy baby back ribs in like 30 minutes or rock hard FROZEN chicken breasts in 40 minutes (without defrosting). I have to tell you: I’m a disgrace to my Asian heritage because I SUCK at cooking rice—especially brown rice—but this mother f*cker can make brown rice as soft and sticky as white rice in like 25 minutes. I’m not joking. I LOVE my instant pot, and if you have an ounce of respect for any malnourished coworker or friend who is basically about to drop dead from exhaustion, buying this thing for them could save their damn life.

For Vegetarians, Vegans, and Earth Lovers:

Give the gift of pizza this Christmas to vegetarian friends and family.
Give the gift of pizza! Fresh, delicious, and straight out of the ground!

This might be the most impractical way to order a pizza, but some people just love getting down in the dirt and creating something special from the ground up. This super creative vegetarian gift idea serves up seeds for sweet basil, heirloom Rutgers tomatoes, green bell peppers, Greek oregano, Italian parsley, and scallions. Plus, it comes with pizza recipes!

Beatles fans, vegetarians, and environmentally conscious people will LOVE this book for Christmas.
Beatles fans, vegetarians, and environmentally conscious people will be stoked to receive this gift.
  • Paul McCartney launched this book. That’s all I really need to say. This Beatle is alive and kicking, and it’s probably because he’s been eating so many awesome plant-based meals. Perfect for vegetarians, Beatles fans, or any environmentally conscious cutie. (Or not cutie… I don’t know your friends.)
  • EZ Tofu Press – $19.99

A practical Christmas present for vegetarians and foodies.
A practical Christmas present for vegetarians and foodies.

At this very moment, while I’m typing this, I have a block of tofu being pressed in the kitchen. That’s how practical this thing is! This device is ingenious. If you cook with tofu a lot like I do, you know that nothing ruins a stir-fry like crappy, mushy, crumbled up tofu. Sometimes, I just don’t have time to press my soybean sponge for an hour AND I just don’t feel like wasting 6 paper towels or getting cat hair on my food from my linty cheesecloth. This awesome tofu press removes the water from your tofu in like 15 minutes flat. NEED!

For Your College Buds:

Pokeball Herb Grinder is a great holiday present for marijuana smokers or home chefs.
Pokeball Herb Grinder will help make any meal or munchie taste amazing.

Think of all the amazing herbs and spices your friends could grind up with this sweet Pokeball grinder. Fresh and dried herbs are essential for any home chef who likes to keep it real. I have so many friends who are huge Pokemon fans and at-home chefs who like to make “magic” happen in the kitchen with a very special ingredient. This company even offers Great Ball and Timer Ball grinders too!

Samyang 2x Spicy Chicken Ramen
Burn your friends’ buttholes off this winter.

This is no ordinary pack of instant ramen. Samyang’s 2x Spicy Chicken Ramen Noodles have a savory chicken flavor with a delicious kick in the face. I like that the chili sauce doesn’t mask the taste of the noodles but enriches it with a subtle smoky flavor. Unlike other chicken flavored instant noodles, Samyang doesn’t have an overpowering saltiness, so it’s a lot less like eating straight-up chicken bouillon than most. Put your friends up to the challenge and bring some warmth to their holidays and their buttholes.

This Take Out Lunch Bag is a funny and cool christmas gift for foodies.
This Take Out Lunch Bag makes home lunch seem a lot less lame.

One thing that sucks SO bad about being poor is that you don’t get to eat-out as often as you’d like. I would know…! BUT, this super cute Take-Out Lunch Bag from Fred makes home lunch seem waaayy cooler. Now, your gift recipient won’t feel so left out eating that sad sandwich because with this bag, we can all pretend that soggy PBJ came from some other guy’s labor.

See anything you like? Let us know in the comment section below! 🙂